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9-13 December 2018 // Abu Dhabi, UAE
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YP/WIE Panel Session


WIE Panel Session

Under the theme “Beyond Boundaries – Leadership, Empowerment, Inspiration and Innovation”, the panel is the place to connect with diverse international community of women technologists, scientists and engineers. The IEEE WIE panel is the platform for participants to be inspired, engage with peers, and build networks that will advance their careers.  The panel facilitates skills development, advancement and engagement of women in technical fields, and provides an opportunity to create communities that fuel innovation and provide support through highly interactive session designed to foster discussion and collaboration.


Speaker 1: Dr. Najah Abu Ali, Professor, College of Information Technology, UAE University

Dr. Najah Abu Ali is currently a Professor at the College of Information Technology in the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). She earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada; specializing in resource management in computer networks. Her MSc and BSc were both attained in Electrical Engineering from the University of Jordan. Her general research interests include modeling wireless communications, resource management in wired and wireless networks, and reducing the energy requirements in wireless sensor networks. More recently, she has strengthened her focus on the Internet of Things, particularly at the nano-scale communications, and vehicle-to-vehicle networking. Her work has been consistently published in key publications venues for journals and conferences. She has further co-authored a Wiley book on 4G and beyond cellular communication networks and delivered various seminars and tutorials at esteemed institutions and flagship gatherings. Dr. Najah has also been awarded several research fund grants, particularly from the NRF/UAE, Emirates Foundation and ADEK.

Speaker 2: Dr. Hoda Alkhazaimi, Director of center of Cybersecurity in NYU

Hoda A. Al Khzaimi is currently a research assistant professor at New York University Abu Dhabi and the Director of Center of Cyber Security in New York University Abu Dhabi. She served in different posts for research and development in Cyber Security and Cryptology for the past years. She headed the Department of Research and Development for Cyber Security and Cryptology in different national initiatives in the United Arab Emirates along with her associations to different security initiatives nationally and internationally.

Alkhzaimi has a specific expertise in Cryptology; cryptanalysis, constructing and validating security hardware and software components, constructing trusted security architectures for different environments in different products for the respective industries. Hoda A. Alkhzaimi obtained her PhD in Cryptanalysis from Denmark Technical University. Her current research interests include Space, Aerospace, and UAV security, constructing and analyzing cryptographic primitives, validating and investigating links between different cryptanalytic approaches, and utilizing cryptographic primitives in different cybersecurity architectures as in Internet and Things of big data analysis among others.


Speaker 3: Dr. Majida Al Azazi, CEO of Sandstorm Automotive Factory

Dr. Majida Alazazi, the first Emirati woman to receive a PhD in supply chain management and industries from the UAE University. She started her experience as a businesswoman in 2004 and worked on a variety of projects. She moved to a greater aspiration, the automotive industry, in search of a challenge. Her main objective was to support the country economically by exporting a national car. Dr. Majida has a good 19 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, Commercial Contracts, Procurement and Operations. Practical Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degree in Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing from UAE University.

Astute Communication and Leadership skills. Ability to coach, manage, and motivate professionals in challenging environments and committed to promoting creativity, innovation and effective problem solving. Experienced professional with broad exposure to the Military Automotive Industry, Health sector and various other Government sectors.

Solid experience in planning, implementing, and executing strategies resulting in greater customer confidence and strengthened business results. Proficient in management of projects, resources and versatile experience as of six companies & one office furniture factory since 2004.


Speaker 4: Ms. Heba Ahmad, Dubai Electronic Security Center


Heba Ahmed is a senior researcher in Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC). She is involved in a number of strategic initiatives such as the development of the IoT and autonomous vehicles security standards for the city of Dubai. In addition to her participation in various cyber security activities and research projects. She holds a master degree in electronics and electrical engineering with management from University of Glasgow, UK. Her current research interests include IoT, electronic circuits and systems, emerging technologies and cyber security.




YP Panel Session

The YP session features a Fireside Chat with Professor Muhammad Imran of the University of Glasgow, and Dr. Walid Saad of Virginia Tech. The title of the session is “Challenges For Young Professionals (YP) in Communications.”

Fireside Chat on "Challenges for Young Professionals (YP) in Communications"

Speaker 1: Professor Muhammad Ali Imran, University of Glasgow

Muhammad Ali Imran

MUHAMMAD ALI IMRAN is Professor of Communication Systems in University of Glasgow. He is an Affiliate Professor at the University of Oklahoma, USA and a visiting Professor at 5G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey, UK. He has over 18 years of combined academic and industry experience, working primarily in the research areas of cellular communication systems. He has been awarded 15 patents, has authored/co-authored over 400 journal and conference publications, and has been principal/co-principal investigator on over £6 million in sponsored research grants and contracts. He has supervised 40+ successful PhD graduates.

Speaker 2: Dr. Walid Saad, Virginia Tech 

Walid SaadWALID SAAD (S'07, M'10, SM’15) received his Ph.D degree from the University of Oslo in 2010. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech. His research interests include wireless networks, machine learning, game theory, cybersecurity, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cyber-physical systems. Dr. Saad was the author/co-author of six conference best paper awards and of the 2015 IEEE ComSoc Fred W. Ellersick Prize. He is also the recipient of the IEEE ComSoc Best YP in Academia in 2017.






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YP Session

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