IEEE Global Communications Conference
9-13 December 2018 // Abu Dhabi, UAE
Gateway to a Connected World

IEEE Wireless Communications Letters: Selected Papers (Interactive Presentation)

Wednesday, 12 December, 10:00 – 10:45

I-WCL.01: WCL Interactive Session-01

Room: Hall 4

Full-Duplex Energy-Harvesting Enabled Relay Networks in Generalized Fading Channels
Khaled Rabie, K. Rabie, B. Adebisi, G. Nauryzbayev, O. Badarneh, X. Li, and Mohamed-Slim Alouini

Estimation of MIMO Transmit-Antenna Number Using Higher-Order Moments-Based Hypothesis Testing
Tao Li, Yongzhao Li, Yunfei Chen, Len. J. Cimini, and Hailin Zhang

Exploiting Physical-Layer Security for Multiuser Multicarrier Computation Offloading
Jie Xu and Jianping Yao

Aerial Anchors Positioning for Reliable RSS-Based Outdoor Localization in Urban Environments
Hazem Sallouha, Mohammad Mahdi Azari, Alessandro Chiumento, Sofie Pollin

Minimizing Latency to Support VR Social Interactions over Wireless Cellular Systems via Bandwidth Allocation
Jihong Park, Petar Popovski, and Osvaldo Simeone

Wireless Power Transfer via mmWave Power Beacons with Directional Beamforming
Jing Guo, Xiangyun Zhou, and Salman Durrani

A Learnable Distortion Correction Module for Modulation Recognition
Kumar Yashashwi, Amit Sethi, and Prasanna Chaporkar

Modularity-Based Dynamic Clustering for Energy Efficient UAVs Aided Communications
Jiadong Yu, Rong Zhang, Yue Gao, and Lie-Liang Yang

UAV-Enabled Cooperative Jamming for Improving Secrecy of Ground Wiretap Channel
An Li, Qingqing Wu, and Rui Zhang

Downlink Coverage Probability in Cellular Networks with Poisson-Poisson Cluster Deployed Base Stations
Naoto Miyoshi

Transmit Power Control Using Deep Neural Network for Underlay Device-to-Device Communication
Woongsup Lee, Minhoe Kim, and. Dong-Ho Cho

Selfish Attacks in Two-Hop IEEE 802.11 Relay Networks: Impact and Countermeasures
Szymon Szott and Jerzy Konorski

Sequential Relay Selection in D2D-Enabled Cellular Networks with Outdated CSI Over Mixed Fading Channels
Jules M. Moualeu, Telex M. N. Ngatched, and Daniel B. da Costa

Clipping Noise and Power Allocation for OFDM-Based Optical Wireless Communication Using Photon Detection
Zhimeng Jiang, Chen Gong, and Zhengyuan Xu

Robust Transmission in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access AF Relay Networks
Sai Zhao, Maoxin Tian, and Quanzhong Li

Energy-Versus-Bandwidth-Efficiency Tradeoff in Spatially Modulated Massive MIMO Downlink
Momo Arisaka and Shinya Sugiura


Wednesday, 12 December, 10:45 – 11:15

I-WCL.02: WCL Interactive Session-02

Room: Hall 4

Compressive Sensing Based Multiuser Detection via Iterative Reweighed Approach in M2M Communications
Xiaoxu Zhang, Fabrice Labeau, Ying-Chang Liang, and Jun Fang

On the Sensitivity of Zero-Tail DFT-Spread-OFDM to Small Bandwidth Allocations
Gilberto Berardinelli

Noise-Aided Demodulation with One-Bit Comparator for Multilevel Pulse-Amplitude-Modulated Signals
Yasuo Nakashima, Takaya Yamazato, Shintaro Arai, Hiroya Tanaka, and Yukihiro Tadokoro

Fast Converging Weighted Neumann Series Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems
Betty Nagy, Maha Elsabrouty, and Salwa Elramly

Algebraic Analysis of the Poles in the Doppler Spectrum for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Channels
Michael Walter, Dmitriy Shutin, and Armin Dammann

Target Localization Using Sensor Location Knowledge in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chun-Yi Wei, Hsuan-Yin Lin, Po-Ning Chen, Yunghsiang S. Han, and Pramod K. Varshney

SNR-Aware Power Allocation Scheme for Lossy-Forward Relaying Systems
José Cándido Silveira Santos Filho, Diana Cristina Gonzalez, Albrecht Wolf,  Luciano Leonel Mendes, Michel Daoud Yacoub, and  Gerhard Fettweis

Improved Layered Message Passing Algorithms for Large-Scale Generalized Spatial Modulation Systems
Shiwen Fan, Yue Xiao, Lixia Xiao, Ping Yang, Rong Shi, and Ke Deng

Filter Hopping Based Faster-Than-Nyquist Signaling for Physical Layer Security
Jianquan Wang, Wanbin Tang, Xiaoping Li, and Shaoqian Li

Learning Automaton Based Neighbor Discovery for Wireless Networks Using Directional Antennas
Btissam El Khamlichi, Duy H. N. Nguyen, Jamal El Abbadi, Nathaniel W. Rowe, and Sunil Kumar

Optimal Multicast of Tiled 360 VR video
Chengjun Guo, Ying Cui, and Zhi Liu

On Power-Efficient Planning in Dynamic Small Cell Networks
Setareh Maghsudi and Dusit Niyato

Optimal User Pairing for Downlink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA)
Lipeng Zhu, Jun Zhang, Zhenyu Xiao, Xianbin Cao, and Dapeng Oliver Wu

On the Statistical Properties of Constant Envelope Quantizers
Hela Jedda and Josef A. Nossek

Optimal Base Station Deployment with Downlink Rate Coverage Probability Constraint
Shubhajeet Chatterjee, Mohammad J. Abdel-Rahman, and Allen B. MacKenzie

Measured Uplink Interference Caused by Aerial Vehicles in LTE Cellular Networks
Rafhael Amorim, Huan Nguyen, Jeroen Wigard, István Z. Kovács, Troels B. Sorensen, David Z. Biro, Mads Sørensen, and Preben Mogensen

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