IEEE Global Communications Conference
9-13 December 2018 // Abu Dhabi, UAE
Gateway to a Connected World


Please also find here a PDF-version of the workshop program and keynote details.


Workshop Opening

Dr. Patrick Marsch, Deutsche Bahn AG


Technical Paper Session 1 - Modeling, PHY & Coding

M. Emara, M. C. Filippou and I. Karls, Availability and Reliability of Wireless Links in 5G Systems: A Space-Time Approach

C. Rachinger, J. Huber and W. Gerstacker,Comparison of OFDM and Single-Carrier Transmission for Ultra-Low Delay Applications

X. Wu and Z. Wu,Performance Analysis of SCMA System Based on Polar Codes

K. Qin and Z. Zhang, Adaptive Ordered Statistic Decoding of Polar Codes for URLLC Systems


Keynote - 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) - Ensuring that 5G for the industrial domain becomes a success

Dr. Andreas Müller, Head of Communication and Network Technology, Robert Bosch GmbH


Technical Paper Session 2 - Initial Access and Retransmission

W. Yu, L. Musavian, A. U. Quddus, Q. Ni and P. Xiao, Low Latency Driven Effective Capacity Analysis for Non-orthogonal and Orthogonal Spectrum Access

J. Östman, R. Devassy, G. C. Ferrante and G. Durisi, Low-Latency Short-Packet Transmissions: Fixed Length or HARQ?

C. Boyd, R. Vehkalahti and O. Tirkkonen, Grant-Free Access in URLLC with Combinatorial Codes and Interference Cancellation


Keynote - Multi-Connectivity for Low-Latency and High-Reliability: A Copula Approach

Prof. Eduard Jorswieck, Heaf of the Chair of Communications Theory, TU Dresden


Technical Paper Session 3 - Scheduling & MIMO

M. Mahlouji and T. Mahmoodi, Analysis of Uplink Scheduling for Haptic Communications

A. Esswie and K. Pedersen, Null Space Based Preemptive Scheduling For Joint URLLC and eMBB Traffic in 5G Networks

Y.-C. Kuo, S.-Y. Lien, D.-J. Deng and Y.-J. Wang, Latency-Optimal Beam Sweeping for Millimeter-Wave Communications


Keynote - URLLC for Future Digitalized and Automated Rail Operation

Dr. Patrick Marsch, Senior Project Manager, Digital Rail, Deutsche Bahn AG


Technical Paper Session 4 - Overall System Design & Outlook

Ó. Seijo, I. Val, J. A. López-Fernández and Z. Fernández, SHARP: Towards the Integration of Time-Sensitive Communications in Legacy LAN/WLAN

G. Berardinelli, N. H. Mahmood, I. Rodriguez and P. Mogensen, Beyond 5G Wireless IRT for Industry 4.0: Design Principles and Spectrum Aspects


Panel Discussion

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