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9-13 December 2018 // Abu Dhabi, UAE
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WS-09: CMmmWB - Channel Models and Measurements for mmWave Bands

WS-09: CMmmWB - Channel Models and Measurements for mmWave Bands

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Scope and Motivation:

The emerging 5G (fifth generation) mobile communication system is designed to satisfy the application of ultra-high-definition video, mobile cloud computing, and other high-quality data services. As a key factor in 5G, the mmWave bands with continuous and broad spectra meet the high spectrum requirement in future and make high-speed wireless communication possible. However, mmWave signals with rapid attenuation are more susceptible to blockages than sub-6 GHz and their channel models become more complicated. Even though the latest channel model has already been extended to 100 GHz by 3GPP, rarely papers concern the new modelling components such as oxygen absorption, large bandwidth, large antenna array, spatial consistency. The efforts to characterize and model channel behavior and impairments in order to facilitate design and simulation of wireless systems and development of suitable mitigation strategies have never been more timely or important. Besides, the millimeter wavelength will impact the measurement equipments and methods. It is necessary to verify their rationalities.

Therefore, the goal of the workshop is to unveil the latest development on mmWave channel measurement and modeling, including new channel features and application scenarios, channel measurement campaign, channel parameters extracting and modeling, measurement equipment development, etc.

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